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Top 10 Gaming Blogs of 2023 According to

In this article the "Top 10 Gaming Blogs," our readers will get to know about some of the best gaming blogs. Each blog offers a unique perspective on gaming, ranging from expert analysis to captivating storytelling and everything in between. From the heart of the gaming industry to the pulse of gaming culture, these blogs cover it all.

For anyone passionate about gaming, keeping up with the latest news, strategies, and insights is a must. Whether you're a casual player looking for the inside scoop, an aspiring esports champion striving for improvement, or just someone who enjoys the world of video games, finding the right gaming blog can be a game-changer.

Top 10 Gaming Blogs By



Kotaku, which was launched on February 2012, stands as the ultimate digital haven for all things related to video games. With a mission to foster inclusivity within the gaming community, Kotaku offers a comprehensive blend of video game news, reviews, cheats, design insights, and entertainment coverage.

Boasting a robust online presence, Kotaku has amassed an impressive following, with over 1 million followers and 2.3 million likes. It remains an active player in the gaming blogosphere, publishing an astounding 30 posts per week, ensuring gamers are always up-to-date with the latest happenings in the gaming world.

Notably, Kotaku has earned significant recognition in the industry, with an impressive Domain Authority (DA) score of 92. Their dedication to delivering quality content is further exemplified by their presence on FeedSpot, where they have contributed 8.5K posts to the gaming discourse. Kotaku's enduring influence and commitment to gaming enthusiasts make it a go-to source for anyone seeking the latest in video game culture and news.


VG247, a renowned video game blog based in the United Kingdom, was established back in February 2008 by industry veteran Patrick Garratt. This gaming haven features content contributed by influential figures such as Patrick Garratt, Stephany Nunneley, Sam Clay, and Brenna Hillier.

With a substantial online following, VG247 has attracted the attention of 343K followers and garnered 181.2K likes. The blog maintains a high level of activity, delivering two informative posts every day to cater to the gaming community's hunger for news and insights.

VG247's significant impact is evident in its impressive 7.8K posts on FeedSpot and its strong Domain Authority (DA) score of 90. Gamers worldwide rely on VG247 for a steady stream of gaming updates, making it a trusted source in the UK and beyond.


Based in the bustling city of San Francisco, California, serves as the ultimate online hotspot for entertainment enthusiasts. Whether you're deeply into gaming, a movie aficionado, or passionate about comics, has something for everyone.

It's your one-stop-shop for the freshest reviews, exclusive news, captivating videos, stunning screenshots, and much more to fuel your interests. With an enormous online following, has gathered an impressive 6.6 million followers and a staggering 9.8 million likes, solidifying its position as a powerhouse in the world of entertainment media.

They're committed to keeping you updated, with a hefty 4 posts per day, ensuring you're always in the know. Their significant contribution to the entertainment realm is evident with an impressive 12.7K posts on FeedSpot and an authoritative Domain Authority (DA) score of 92.

PC Gamer

Based in the vibrant city of San Francisco, California, PC Gamer has earned its reputation as the world's best-selling PC games magazine. They've achieved this distinction by bringing onboard dedicated hardcore gamers as editors, ensuring that their content resonates with the gaming community.

This magazine is a trusted source for comprehensive game reviews, expert strategies, clear explanations of complex gaming technology, and the latest news in the ever-evolving gaming world. PC Gamer is known for its unique blend of intelligence, irreverence, and strong industry connections, making it not only informative for seasoned gamers but also inviting for newcomers looking to explore the exciting realm of PC gaming.

With a substantial online following, boasting 3.8 million followers and 2.7 million likes, PC Gamer continues to be a top destination. Their commitment to keeping gamers informed is evident through their frequent posting, with an impressive 10 posts per day. On FeedSpot, PC Gamer has contributed significantly with 10.3K posts, and they hold a solid Domain Authority (DA) score of 90.


GameSpot, a dominant force in the gaming world, is the ultimate global destination for gamers seeking news and reviews across various platforms like PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, PS Vita, Wii, PC, 3DS, and DS. They are dedicated to keeping gamers in the loop with a wide range of content, including thorough reviews, intriguing previews, captivating trailers, helpful walkthroughs, and much more.

With a strong online presence, GameSpot has amassed an impressive following of 655.6K followers and 130.1K likes. They ensure gamers stay engaged by delivering a consistent stream of 3 posts per day, making sure no gaming enthusiast misses out.

GameSpot's commitment to gaming discussions is evident through their 3.1K posts on FeedSpot, and their impressive Domain Authority (DA) score of 92 solidifies their position as a trusted go-to platform for gamers worldwide, offering a wealth of information and insights to satisfy their gaming cravings.


Polygon, a gaming website based in the United States, has a unique partnership with Vox Media. They stand out by focusing on the culture surrounding gaming, making their approach to gaming media distinct. At Polygon, they explore not only the games themselves but also the creators behind them, the passionate fan community, trending stories, and broader entertainment news.

With a robust online presence, Polygon has garnered a loyal following of 701.3K followers and 972.9K likes. Their commitment to the gaming community is evident with a consistent output of three posts per day, ensuring that gamers and enthusiasts stay well-informed.

Polygon's significant contribution to gaming discussions is showcased by their 8.6K posts on FeedSpot, and their impressive Domain Authority (DA) score of 91 solidifies their position as a trusted source for gaming and culture enthusiasts.

Game Informer

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Game Informer is the ultimate destination for staying informed about the ever-evolving world of video games. They cover a wide range of gaming content, including the latest news, detailed reviews, exciting previews, engaging podcasts, insights into gamer culture, and feature articles.

What sets Game Informer apart is their inclusive approach, catering to gamers across a spectrum of platforms, including Microsoft Xbox One, Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii U, Wii, 3DS, DS, as well as emerging technologies like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PSVR, and even mobile gaming on iOS and Android.

With a substantial online following of 654.1K followers and 2.3 million likes, Game Informer ensures that gamers are never out of the loop. They maintain an impressive posting frequency of 30 posts per week, underscoring their commitment to keeping the gaming community well-informed and engaged.

Their presence on FeedSpot, with 8.7K posts, and a strong Domain Authority (DA) score of 89, solidify Game Informer's reputation as a trusted source for gamers seeking comprehensive coverage across all gaming platforms and technologies.

Official PlayStation Blog

Located in sunny California, USA, the official PlayStation Blog is the central hub for everything PlayStation-related. This blog serves as the primary source for the latest news and video updates spanning the entire PlayStation ecosystem, including PS3, PS4, PSN (PlayStation Network), PS Vita, and PSP.

What makes this blog truly unique is its direct connection between the creative minds shaping the PlayStation experience and the gamers and fans who love it. With an astounding online presence, the PlayStation Blog boasts an incredible 38.5 million followers and an impressive 31.6 million likes, establishing itself as a prominent voice in the gaming community.

To stay closely connected with its audience, the blog consistently publishes eight posts each week, ensuring that PlayStation enthusiasts are always up to date. Furthermore, the PlayStation Blog's substantial contribution to gaming discussions on FeedSpot, with 8,000 posts, and its remarkable Domain Authority (DA) score of 93, solidify its position as the ultimate go-to destination for PlayStation lovers, offering direct updates, and insights from the creators themselves.


Based in the charming city of Bath, England, UK, GamesRadar is the ultimate online destination for enthusiasts of games, movies, and TV. Their mission is to help you make the most of your downtime, ensuring that your investments in money, skills, and time are well-spent.

GamesRadar accomplishes this through a diverse range of content, including breaking news, in-depth reviews, captivating features, practical tips, comprehensive buying guides, and engaging videos. With a substantial online presence, GamesRadar has cultivated a dedicated following of 1.3 million followers and 1 million likes, establishing itself as a trusted source for entertainment insights.

They maintain an active connection with their audience by consistently delivering 9 posts per week. GamesRadar's significant contribution to discussions in the gaming community on FeedSpot, with 1.8K posts, and an impressive Domain Authority (DA) score of 89, underscore their role as an essential resource for enthusiasts looking to enrich their gaming, movie, and TV experiences.


Based in the UK, Eurogamer proudly stands as the largest independent gaming website in Europe. It's a treasure trove for gaming enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of content that includes the latest news, in-depth reviews, exciting previews, and much more.

What sets Eurogamer apart is its exceptional team of journalists, which includes both award-winning and, in a charming twist, award-losing personalities like Oli Welsh, Christian Donlan, and Wesley Yin-Poole. With a strong online presence, Eurogamer has gathered a dedicated following of 336K followers and 404.7K likes, solidifying its status as a top destination for European gamers.

By consistently delivering eight posts per day, Eurogamer ensures its audience remains well-informed and entertained. Additionally, their significant presence on FeedSpot, with 7.5K posts, and an impressive Domain Authority (DA) score of 91, underline Eurogamer's credibility and reliability as a vital resource for gamers seeking high-quality content and insights in the European gaming sphere.

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