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Microsoft Documents Expose Plans for a Next-Generation Hybrid Xbox Console in 2028


Microsoft Documents That Were Unintentionally Leaked Suggest Xbox's Intentions to Develop a Hybrid Next-Generation Console by 2028.

Earlier this year, Microsoft and Xbox found themselves in a courtroom battle concerning their acquisition of Activision Blizzard for a hefty $69 billion. During these legal proceedings, some previously undisclosed documents came to light.

These leaked documents revealed that Xbox's leader, Phil Spencer, had contemplated the idea of acquiring companies like Nintendo and Warner Bros. Games at one point. They also hinted at plans for refreshing the Xbox Series X/S and introducing a new Xbox controller in 2024.

Furthermore, there were discussions about the possibility of remastering classic games like Fallout 3 and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. One particularly intriguing document outlined Microsoft's intentions to launch a next-generation hybrid console in 2028.

However, this document did not divulge specifics about the console's name, appearance, or features. Instead, it shed light on its architectural design and how Xbox envisions it as a hybrid gaming platform that harnesses the power of cloud technology.

In the "Our Vision" section of this document, Microsoft articulated its goal to create a cutting-edge hybrid gaming platform that leverages both local hardware and cloud resources to deliver deeply immersive gaming experiences. This platform aims to offer unprecedented performance levels, surpassing what the local hardware alone can achieve, while also catering to real-time gameplay and the needs of game creators.
That is "Develop a next generation hybrid game platform capable of leveraging the combined power of the client and cloud to deliver deeper immersion and entirely new classes of game experiences. Optimized for real time game play and creators, we will enable new levels of performance beyond the capabilities of the client hardware alone."

2nd Document

The Verge has managed to acquire an additional document containing a timeline that traces the release history of Xbox consoles, starting from the debut of the original Xbox back in 2001. This timeline notably highlights a "Next Gen" entry set for the year 2028, accompanied by explanatory notes such as "Cloud Hybrid Games" and "Immersive Games & App Platform."

Another document reveals that the initial phases of hardware design for this next-generation console are slated to commence in 2024. Following that, development kits are expected to become available in 2027, paving the way for the official launch in 2028. [no_toc]

Source/Image credit: The Verge


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