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Vigor Chronicles: Damnation Arriving August 9th, 2023

vigor chronicles damnation arriving august 9th 2023

Vigor Chronicles: Damnation Update Brings FG 42 Machine Gun and Improved Matchmaking, Arriving August 9th, 2023

Bohemia Interactive has unveiled an upcoming launch, slated for August 9th, 2023, of the latest installment in their free-to-play looter-shooter series, Vigor. The chapter titled "Vigor Chronicles: Damnation" is set to bring a fresh wave of features to the game. Notably, players can anticipate the introduction of the powerful FG 42 machine gun, alongside enhanced rewards for Airdrops, an upgraded matchmaking system, and exclusive bundles tailored for PlayStation and Xbox users.

Responding to the community's desires, the theme of this release circles back to a more tactical military style. Within this update, players can look forward to numerous exciting enhancements across various aspects of the game. The Buried Cache, Flash Grenade mechanics, grenade-throwing dynamics, and the Cosmetic Store have all undergone improvements.

A military-inspired Battle Pass will allow players to progress and earn stylish gear reminiscent of Chronicles: Vengeance. Key features of "Chronicles: Damnation" include the incorporation of the FG 42 Machine Gun, designed to deal significant damage to adversaries.

Additionally, Airdrop rewards have received a boost, ensuring players receive better rewards for their efforts. The matchmaking system has been refined to offer a more satisfying gameplay experience, while higher drop rates for Weapon and Consumable Plans have been applied to all Crates.

To further enrich the gameplay, a range of new Seasonal Challenges related to Looting, Crafting, and Shelter Improvements have been added. The reworked Buried Cache promises an improved experience, while adjustments to grenade-throwing mechanics and the Flash Grenade contribute to more engaging gameplay. The Cosmetic Store has been transformed into the General Store, featuring the availability of Plans.

A fresh Premium Pack known as the "Elite Charger Pack" has also made its debut, adding to the array of choices for players looking to enhance their in-game experience. Overall, "Vigor Chronicles: Damnation" aims to deliver an exciting array of improvements and additions, catering to the desires of the player community and elevating the tactical military essence of the game. [no_toc]


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