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Strategies for Efficiently Farming Starfield XP and Leveling Up

Strategies for Efficiently Farming Starfield XP and Leveling Up

Gain XP in Starfield through a Variety of Actions to Increase Your Level

Starfield XP can be acquired through a wide range of in-game activities, including defeating foes, accomplishing missions, and embarking on exploration. However, there's also an XP farming technique that involves integrating crafting and outposts.

Given the multitude of valuable Starfield Skills that demand substantial investment to attain, the strategy of power leveling and swiftly accumulating XP becomes quite appealing. Here are some top methods for amassing XP in Starfield, along with one effective XP farming approach.

How to increase your XP in Starfield?

Players can accumulate XP in Starfield by engaging in a wide array of in-game activities. Among these, completing missions stands out as a dependable means of earning substantial XP rewards. However, XP can also be obtained through actions like defeating adversaries, exploring new star systems and planets, uncovering and traversing various locations, and utilizing workbenches for crafting and research.

Skill-based endeavors, such as using digipicks for lockpicking or successfully employing persuasion, can yield modest XP rewards as well. Additionally, players have the opportunity to enhance their XP earnings temporarily through various boosts, including:
  • A 10% Well Rested XP bonus acquired from sleeping.
  • A 15% Emotionally Secure XP bonus obtained from resting with a romantic partner in Starfield. It's worth noting that this bonus replaces the Well Rested bonus, so both cannot be simultaneously applied.
  • Up to a 2% XP bonus achievable by consuming specific food items, often tea-based drinks like Alien Tea, Tranquilitea products, and The Strip steak, available at the Whetstone in New Atlantis. Choosing the Starfield trait "Kid Stuff" unlocks a family recipe for a 1% XP-boosting Meatloaf.
It's essential to note that, based on testing, only two Starfield XP buffs can be active at any given time: one from an Aid item, such as food, and one from resting. These buffs seem to stack together, and players can monitor their active buffs in the Status menu.

However, it's not possible to stack buffs of the same type, and the most recently applied buff takes precedence. For instance, consuming The Strip steak followed by drinking Alien Tea won't result in a cumulative 4% XP buff, as the tea's buff simply replaces the steak's buff.
Strategies for Efficiently Farming Starfield XP and Leveling Up

Strategy for Increasing Starfield XP Through Outpost Utilization

Here's a step-by-step guide to an XP farming method in Starfield using outposts:
  • Travel to the Narion System and head to the moon of Sumati known as Androphon.
  • Perform a scan of Androphon and then proceed to land at a specific location near the moon's south pole. This location marks the intersection of an aluminum-rich crater biome and an iron-rich mountain biome.
  • Once you're on the moon's surface, activate your scanner and follow the 'Outpost' button prompt to deploy an outpost beacon.
  • Start exploring the area near the mountains to locate an area with both iron and aluminum deposits, and then place your outpost beacon. The types of resources available for extraction are displayed in the top-left corner.
  • With the outpost beacon in place, construct essential structures like a bed, an Industrial Workbench, and multiple Aluminium Extractors, Iron Extractors, Solar Arrays, and Solid Storage containers.
  • Switch from Build Mode to Modify Mode (typically by pressing the appropriate button, like B on an Xbox controller). Then, connect your extractors to a single storage container by using the appropriate controls (e.g., RT) to draw connecting lines. This creates a consolidated storage unit.
  • Go to sleep and rest for a full 24 in-game hours. On this moon, this equates to 140 hours in universal time, during which time a substantial amount of iron and aluminum will be generated.
  • Utilize the iron and aluminum you've extracted to craft as many Adaptive Frames as possible, earning you a considerable amount of XP.
  • Repeat this process by sleeping, building Adaptive Frames, and reaping the rewards.

Note on Increasing Through Outpost Utilization

Each crafted Adaptive Frame in Starfield rewards the player with 1 XP. However, with the outpost setup outlined above, it becomes possible to produce a substantial quantity of these frames, resulting in a significant accumulation of XP. To maximize XP gains further, players can incorporate previously mentioned XP-boosting tactics, enhancing the XP yield for each crafted Adaptive Frame.

When crafting in bulk using this method, the cumulative XP gains can be quite substantial. As the number of crafted Adaptive Frames grows, players may find themselves approaching the Starfield encumbrance limit. In such cases, they have the option to either drop the excess frames or sell them at a suitable shop willing to purchase them.

For those concerned about the complexity of this approach, it's worth noting that they can begin with a basic extraction outpost and gradually expand and improve it over time. Additionally, investing in the Outpost Engineering Skill and completing Outpost Development Research Projects can enhance the equipment available for the extraction operation, enabling players to build more efficient setups.

It's also worth mentioning that another viable location for this Starfield outpost XP farming method is Venus, where cobalt and nickel extraction is possible. However, this option is better suited for higher-level players, as it necessitates the Planetary Habitation Skill, which is required to establish outposts on Venus.


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