PUBG 25.2 Patch Notes: New Features And Highlights

In the most recent update for PUBG, known as Patch 25.2, players can expect an array of fresh content, including new weapons, skins, and notable..
pubg 25.2 patch notes new features and highlights

PUBG 25.2 Patch Notes Features And Updates

In the most recent update for PUBG, known as Patch 25.2, players can expect an array of fresh content, including new weapons, skins, and notable enhancements. Among the key changes, the introduction of the Dragunov, a designated marksman rifle (DMR), takes center stage. This high-powered firearm is recognized for its remarkable damage capability and an extensive effective range of 500 meters.

A standout feature is its compatibility with various scopes, allowing players to personalize their gameplay experience. The Dragunov can be encountered in normal matches, ranked games, custom matches, and training grounds.

The patch also brings a tactical makeover to the AUG, a weapon that has gained prominence since its reintroduction to the game world. PUBG Corp acknowledges the augmented performance and usage of the AUG and has accordingly fine-tuned its attributes. This involves a balance in its fire rate at 720, coupled with adjustments to horizontal and vertical recoil.

The result positions the AUG as a weapon that bridges the gap between the Beryl M762 and M416, offering players a balanced and competitive choice. Furthermore, the Progressive Weapon Skin System undergoes an alteration in PUBG Patch 25.2, showcasing a fresh addition named the "Chroma" skin.

This particular skin introduces vibrant colors and captivating effects, extending its applicability to attachment skins, loot crates, and kill feed frames. Lastly, a new design for the BATTLESTAT Skin emerges, allowing players to keep track of cumulative kills and headshots in a distinct manner. This comprehensive patch ushers in a variety of updates that promise to enhance the overall PUBG gaming experience.

PUBG 25.2 Patch Notes Highlights

PUBG players can now anticipate changes to their map rotation schedule based on their gaming platform. If you're playing on PC, expect map alterations every Wednesday at 2 AM UTC, while console gamers can look forward to the same updates every Thursday at 7 AM UTC.

Notably, in regions where Random Map selection is in play, every map now has an equal shot at being picked, with larger maps having a 25% chance and smaller ones having a 12.5% chance. For the upcoming weeks, PUBG enthusiasts can plan their gameplay around specific maps for both Normal Matches and Ranked sessions. Here's the scoop:

Normal Match Lineup:

  • Week 1: Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi, Sanhok, Karakin (PC: September 6 ~ September 13, Console: September 14 ~ September 21)
  • Week 2: Erangel, Taego, Deston, Sanhok, Paramo (PC: September 13 ~ September 20, Console: September 21 ~ September 28)
  • Week 3: Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi, Sanhok, Karakin, (PC: September 20 ~ September 27, Console: September 28 ~ October 5)
  • Week 4: Erangel, Taego, Deston, Sanhok, Paramo (PC: September 27 ~ October 4, Console: October 5 ~ October 12)
  • Week 5: Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi, Sanhok, Karakin (PC: October 4 ~ October 11, Console: October 12 ~ October 19)

Ranked Match Lineup:

  • Ranked: Erangel (30%), Miramar (30%), Taego (30%), Deston (10%)
  • The map selection for Ranked matches will receive updates based on the season.

PUBG 25.2 Patch Notes Dragunov

PUBG has introduced a new weapon, the Dragunov, categorized as a Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR). This formidable weapon operates in a single-fire mode and uses 7.62mm ammunition. It boasts an impressive damage output of 60 and is effective up to 500 meters. The Dragunov's bullets travel at a rapid 830 meters per second, and it maintains a firing rate of 150 rounds per minute.

Players can pimp their Dragunov with various attachments, including muzzles, magazines, and a Cheekpad stock. The highlight is its compatibility with scopes up to 15x magnification. The Dragunov can be found in the normal gameplay loop, ranked matches, training grounds, and custom matches. However, it's off-limits in the Bluebomb Rush mode within Arcade gameplay.

As for adjustments, the Dragunov has seen some tweaks to its damage values. The weapon's damage has been standardized to a solid 60, ditching the previous system that introduced variability. This modification ensures that players wielding the Dragunov DMR can expect consistent performance during their battles.

PUBG 25.2 Patch Notes Performance Update

For players on PC, an updated stability improvement has been introduced, focusing on the GPU debugging aspect. This enhancement brings two new options: "Collect GPU Crash Data" and "GPU Crash Report." The "Collect GPU Crash Data" option allows users to choose whether to enable or disable the collection of GPU crash data, which includes user crash dump files.

This setting is disabled by default but can be activated by toggling it on and restarting the game. It's important to note that activating this option may result in a temporary decrease in game performance due to stability checks, and it will automatically deactivate after 7 days of being enabled.

The "GPU Crash Report" function has also been incorporated. This feature triggers a pop-up window whenever multiple GPU crashes occur, prompting users to enable the "Collect GPU Crash Data" option for further analysis. By default, this option is enabled to ensure a comprehensive understanding of potential crashes.

These new GPU-related settings can be adjusted in the game's options menu under "Settings > Gameplay > Others > GPU Crash."

Additionally, in terms of graphics settings, there's a default option shift from "DirectX 11" to "DirectX 11 Enhanced." Fresh game installations will automatically default to "DirectX 11 Enhanced," while for existing setups, players may manually switch to this option through "Settings > Advanced > DirectX Version > DirectX 11 Enhanced."

If a PC doesn't support DX11 Enhanced, the system will default to DX11. This enhanced DirectX 11 version, referred to as "DirectX 11 Enhanced," is designed to optimize CPU performance and supports multi-threading during rendering. While offering stability comparable to the regular DirectX 11, it may also lead to potential increases in frames per second (FPS) under certain conditions.

PUBG 25.2 Patch Notes All Bug Fixing


In terms of gameplay improvements, a comprehensive range of fixes has been applied to address various in-game issues. General bugs that affected the overall gaming experience have been rectified. Specifically, an issue where the last surviving player would immediately perish at 0 HP upon entering a vehicle while equipped with a Self-AED has been resolved.

Additionally, a problem where a character's silhouette would momentarily remain visible even after the dispersal of smoke, particularly if a Sandstorm moved into the smoke's location, has been successfully tackled. In terms of combat dynamics, fixes have been made to the behavior of melee weapons.

These weapons will no longer pass through walls when thrown from the corner of a building while the player is prone. Moreover, adjustments have been made to Smoke Grenade sounds to align them accurately with the actual duration of smoke exposure, eliminating any discrepancies.

The issue wherein players with Self-AEDs weren't being knocked out at 0 HP while riding a vehicle under certain conditions has been addressed. Additionally, a problem that led to weapons automatically firing when switching between Drone and character perspectives repeatedly, with the Additional Action Queuing feature active, has been rectified.

For players engaging in Bluebomb Rush matches on PC, an issue where the match wouldn't conclude immediately in the absence of players on the opposing team has been fixed. Also, the occurrence of stuttering gunshot sound effects when firing a handgun while transitioning between seats on a moving vehicle has been resolved.

Open world

In the game's world and environments, significant adjustments have been made to ensure a more seamless gameplay experience. Various issues within the Miramar map have been successfully addressed and fixed, leading to a smoother and more enjoyable gameplay environment.

Furthermore, on the Vikendi map, a specific issue related to 40mm Smoke Grenades has been resolved. Previously, these grenades were spawning without being accompanied by the M79 launcher. Additionally, there was a concern of excessive spawning of these grenades beyond a certain limit on Vikendi, which has been rectified to ensure a balanced gameplay experience.

In the desert landscape of Miramar, a troublesome issue where characters could become stuck in a certain cliff has been resolved, allowing for a more fluid movement within the game world. Similarly, on the Erangel map, a problem causing characters to teleport after partially destroying and stepping on the door of certain houses has been fixed, contributing to a more consistent and realistic gaming environment.

Moreover, in the Boardwalk TDM map, adjustments have been made to address the audio issue related to the Care Package Plane, ensuring that the soundscape aligns accurately with the in-game action. Additionally, to create a more balanced auditory experience, the volume of the background music (BGM) on the Boardwalk TDM map has been reduced.
pubg 25.2 patch notes new features and highlights


In terms of user experience and interface enhancements, significant progress has been made to ensure a smoother and more intuitive interaction within the game. Players will now find that pressing the Clan button from the Customize page effectively directs them to the Clan page, rectifying a prior issue where this transition was unsuccessful.

Furthermore, incorrect reward instructions that were displayed at the bottom of the Crafter Pass: Aston Martin page have been corrected, offering players accurate guidance on their rewards. Additionally, an awkward item description for the Crowbar in the Chinese language setting has been revised, creating a more cohesive and understandable experience.

A user interface concern related to previewing Prime Parcels items that cannot be equipped simultaneously has been resolved. Previously, hovering over these items would display a magnifying glass icon, but this issue has now been addressed for a more seamless preview experience.

Workshop navigation has been optimized as well. In cases where only one applicable vehicle is present at the top right of the preview screen, players will no longer encounter the display of unnecessary left and right buttons, streamlining the workshop experience.

Another important fix pertains to locked holographic battlestat weapon previews. The issue where these previews exposed the locked battlestat area in ADS mode has been rectified, preserving the intended design and aesthetics of the game.

On the PC platform, the Clan page has undergone adjustments to ensure that all its components are properly displayed. Similarly, a concern regarding the Gas Can image being incorrectly displayed in the inventory view has been addressed. For console players, the functionality of the Cancel Matchmaking button has been improved, resolving the problem where it didn't work as intended in certain screens.
pubg 25.2 patch notes new features and highlights

Items & Skins

A notable focus in this update has been on addressing clipping issues, where graphics extend beyond the visible boundaries of an image or object. One of the concerns that have been resolved is related to the Crowbar, which used to cover other areas of the inventory when the Punk Axe skin was equipped. Similarly, an issue involving the character's legs appearing partially transparent after donning the Summer Shorts (Gray) has been successfully fixed.

Furthermore, fixes have been implemented to address specific clipping issues occurring during gameplay. For instance, the problem of clipping at the wrist that occurred when both NieR Replicant ver.1.22 - Kainé's Gloves and PGC 2022 Tac-Tech Shirt were equipped has been resolved. Similarly, the clipping issue arising from equipping PGI.S Tactical Pants and Duncan's/NH-ESPORTS Shoes together has been tackled.

A fix relates to the character's appearance after equipping certain clothing combinations. For instance, the issue where the character's pelvis would appear transparent after wearing the Long Sleeved Turtleneck with the Orange Crush Bottom has been successfully rectified. Likewise, the same issue with the character's pelvis appearing transparent after putting on the Bloody Nurse Uniform with the PGI Ringside Hoodie has also been addressed.

Clipping issues extended to accessories as well. An issue where clipping occurred at the ankle when PCS3 Suntouched Boots were equipped has been resolved. Similarly, the transparency issue with the character's pelvis after wearing the Lucky Bandit Outfit with the Neon Deco Hoodie has been fixed.

Moreover, accessory positioning has been adjusted to ensure that earrings are not overly visible at certain first-person angles. This problem occurred with STREET FIGHTER 6 - Chun-Li's Hairstyle 1 or 2 equipped. Furthermore, a scenario where an earring was visible on the screen while the player was in ADS mode with the aforementioned hairstyle equipped has been resolved.

Introducing a fresh addition of skins "Chroma." This innovative skin type provides the opportunity to customize the color and effects of your Progressive Weapon Skins in a whole new way.

Lastly, there was a problem with certain vehicle skins causing the vehicle to flip when driven over a bridge in Erangel. Specifically, this occurred while equipping the "V12 Vantage Roadster" Sports Car or "V12 Vantage Roadster (Luxe)" Sports Car skin. This issue has been fixed to ensure a smooth driving experience in the game.

Additionally, on the PC platform, a fix has been implemented to address a situation where the Vantage Paint (Cumberland Grey) was displayed incorrectly as Vantage (Luxe) Paint (Tayos Turquoise) after initial skin application.



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Kowl Gaming: PUBG 25.2 Patch Notes: New Features And Highlights
PUBG 25.2 Patch Notes: New Features And Highlights
In the most recent update for PUBG, known as Patch 25.2, players can expect an array of fresh content, including new weapons, skins, and notable..
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