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Bungie Revealed Their Upcoming Team-Based Sci-Fi Game 'Gummy Bears'

bungie revealed their upcoming team-based sci-fi game 'gummy bears'

Bungie's 'Gummy Bears' – Their Upcoming Team-Based Sci-Fi Game

Bungie, the creative force behind popular games like Destiny and the recently unveiled Marathon, is currently in the works on their third game, code-named "Gummy Bears." The company confirmed through a post on its main Twitter account that they're in the process of "hiring for something new."

So, what's this new project all about? It's described as a "team-based action game inspired by various genres, set in a fresh science-fantasy universe." To be more precise, this game takes cues from fighting games, platformers, MOBAs (Massive Online Battle Arenas), life simulations, and even frog-type games, all within a whimsical and comedic world.

According to reliable sources familiar with Bungie's plans, Gummy Bears is the forthcoming creation from the developers of Destiny, and it draws heavily from the MOBA game genre (Massive Online Battle Arena). It's set to deliver an intense competitive experience featuring Team vs. Team battles in a player-versus-player format.
Bungie, renowned for their iconic first-person shooters like Marathon, Halo, and Destiny, is clearly venturing beyond their usual territory into new game genres. According to a source, the upcoming game boasts vibrant and "adorable" characters. According to sources these in-game characters might have a neon-like appearance.

Currently, the game is in its early developmental stages. This means we might have to exercise some patience before any official news or announcements about this title come our way. When compared to Bungie's older titles, this game is definitely charting a different course, introducing entirely new gameplay and realms for the company. 

Designe and Genre

Considering the diverse mix of genres serving as inspiration for this project, it's quite the puzzle to anticipate what elements, including those "frog-type" ones, are being woven in and how. The twist of it being a team-based action game rather than a shooter is intriguing enough on its own. Bungie is also emphasizing the creation of a game with depth, mastery, and that distinct Bungie-style action feel, all while fostering an inclusive and friendly community.

We can gather additional insights from the recent job listings tied to Bungie's incubation projects. However, it's crucial to keep in mind that this team-based sci-fi game is just one of the smaller endeavors underway. Therefore, we shouldn't necessarily link all these listings to the same project. That said, the consistent use of the phrase "lighthearted and whimsical" across these job listings aligns well with Bungie's messaging on Twitter, hinting at potential connections.

For instance, an incubation art director role post delves into "a new Bungie IP" and seeks designers who contemplate how art shapes gameplay, the influence of character design on fan cosplays, and how characters and environments resonate with diverse cultures. It also casually mentions familiarity with Unreal Engine, suggesting a technical basis for the endeavor.

An engineering position highlights the concept of "joyful PvP combat and action gameplay" and firmly references Unreal Engine 5. Speculation about Bungie stepping into mobile gaming has circulated for some time, and while Bungie hasn't officially confirmed their target platforms, this engineering role mentions experience with platforms, including mobile.

Another post focused on animation speaks to enabling players to express their unique style through in-game avatars and calls for experience in the mobile realm. This mobile angle reappears in a graphics engineer listing. While we can't be certain if this pertains to the same exact game, it does suggest that Bungie has something mobile-related in the pipeline.[no_toc]


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